I am using the vim spell checker. When I do "zg" (Add word to "good" list) it apparently works. If I save and quit ( with :wq command) and re-open the document all words get reddish indicating that they are wrong, except those which were manually added. For example, if I have ten words and seven of then are already ok, then I add the other three words to my "ok list" with zg command, if I close and re-open this file all the seven words will be marked as incorrect and only those three will be marked as "good words".

I can see that two new files are created when I do zg for the first time: ~/.vim/spell/pt.utf-8.add ~/.vim/spell/pt.utf-8.add.spl

And it's like vim only sees the above-mentioned files and not the original one, wich is: ~/.vim/spell/pt.utf-8.spl


~/.vim/spell/pt.utf-8.add and ~/.vim/spell/pt.utf-8.add.spl are the only files shown in my ~/.vim/spell directory.

Two things I would try first:

  1. Rename the pt.utf-8.spl file. Vim's official documentation indicates that these word list files should have the following generic form: ".{encoding}.add"
  2. Try setting spellfile explicitly using the specifications described in the docs.

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