When I open .aspx or .ascx files in notepad++, notepad++ open them as Normal Text files and so no syntax highlighting works. In the Language dropdown menu I dont see ASPX or ASCX options.

How to setup notepad++ so that it uses syntax highlighting when I open .aspx or .ascx files? I want to use the Visual Studio syntax highlighting in notepad++ for the .aspx and .ascx files. I am using Visual Studio 2015.



You can have the syntax highlight for you by adding user extensions on the ASP language inside the Style Configurator:

Settings > Style Configurator > Click "asp" > Where it has "User ext. :" on the bottom put "aspx ascx" without quotes then click Save & Close.

Select your language as ASP afterwards and this should work fine.

  • Thanks. ...probably the best answer provided you don't want to tackle defining your own. I did a quick search but didn't find a readily usable improved .aspx syntax highlighting - that isn't "VS Dark Theme". Here is another reference that repeats what you have: Notepad ++ and the aspx extension: whatwasithinking.co.uk/2011/03/08/… Jan 30 '18 at 20:56

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