I install moc with port, but when try launche I get this error message.

$mocp Running the server...
Trying JACK...
FATAL_ERROR: No valid sound driver
FATAL_ERROR: Server exited

any idea ?
Many thanks.


You need to install jack. I think I used JackOSX, but there is also a jack available from macports. Once it's installed, you'll need to run it from the terminal before loading moc. I usually use this command :

jackd -d coreaudio &

then you can load mocp.

Don't forget to build moc with vorbis:

port uninstall moc
port clean moc
port install moc +vorbis

To add the vorbis variant you do not need to unsinstall moc. Instead, use this command:

sudo port upgrade --enforce-variants moc +vorbis

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