In the options for Git Gui, there is a section to select a spelling. However, no dictionary options actually show up in the selection menu. How do I configure the spell checker in Git Gui?

Git GUI Dictionary Option


Source: Configure Git Gui spell checker on Windows

Follow these step to configure interactive spell checker for msysGit GIT GUI:

  1. Download and install Aspell. Also download and install any dictionaries you may need.
  2. Add the Aspell binaries folder (a folder where the installer places aspell.exe) to the PATH environment variable. For more information on how to do this have a look at How to set the path and environment variables in Windows.
  3. If you had GIT GUI open, re-start it and open options (Edit -> Options…).
  4. Pick a dictionary to use from “Spelling Dictionary” drop down list (this time it should have more choices available).

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