The Gimp allows you to save animations in the GIF format, but I wondered if there were a way to export the animation layers in one PNG, with every layer juxtaposed next to (the right of) the previous one?


Typically you have to find a script to merge all layers into a single one, such as those used to make sprite sheets, for instance this one.


I cannot help with gimp, but the ImageMagick package has lots of command line tools to manipulate images. For example you can split an animated file.gif into separate target.*.png files with

convert -coalesce file.gif target.%04d.png

You can then place all these together into a single out.png with

montage target.*.png out.png

Example gif enter image description here (from here), and resulting montage enter image description here

  • I'll check that out. I hope it can handle something else than GIF, since that'd limit me to 256 colors. – Domus Mar 18 '17 at 23:12

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