I use a tablet to read several pdfs. Because of additional margins , the actual text on each page gets rather small. I would like to remove all whitespace before any actual content. This can mean that I will have unequal page sizes, which I am fine with.

Most tools allow you to crop based on a rectangle. I want something that can go page wise and remove white spaces around content as needed (thus, if there is just a little bit of content at the centre, it will be much bigger.

Is there any tool like that ?


pdfcrop should be able to do what you want. According to the man page:

pdfcrop is a utility to calculate and remove empty margins from each page in the input PDF file. The resulting output file occupies the minimal paper size needed for the contents and is therefore suitable for inclusion as a graphic

  • I found this solution minutes before you posted. – harveyslash Mar 19 '17 at 3:54

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