So I got a "VeraCrypt Rescue Disk.zip" file with an "EFI" folder in it and would like to create a rescue disk from it. Meaning I'd like to create a bootable CD or DVD, not an USB stick.

Is this possible? Or do I have to create a bootable USB stick (in this case I guess I have to follow this guide, right?)? And if it's possible should I just write the content of the zip file to the disk or how is it supposed to be done?

I cannot do
System->Create rescue disk in VeraCrypt as I currently can't boot the respective drive.

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Well I just extracted that .zip file to an USB stick right now (the "EFI" folder) and it worked. After setting my boot mode to UEFI only in bios I could boot from it without following that linked guide and hence without deleting other data on that USB stick.

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