I'me trying to install a custom package from a custom repo. The chef-client run is giving me this error:

No candidate version available for ruby-2.3.3
Error executing action `install` on resource 'yum_package[ruby-2.3.3]'

But I can install it manually:

yum install ruby-2.3.3
 ruby                      x86_64                   2.3.3-1.el6                        vmc-misc                    16 M
Installing for dependencies:
 libyaml                   x86_64                   0.1.3-4.el6_6                      vmc-base                    52 k

Transaction Summary
Install       2 Package(s)

Total download size: 16 M
Installed size: 46 M

How can I get Chef to install this package?


You want to give just the name:

package 'ruby'

Or if you want to specify a single version:

package 'ruby' do
  version '2.3.3'
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