I used the search function in Word 2016 to hide everything that is not highlighted. As a result I get only highlighted text showing. However when I want to unhide it, only certain part of the text shows, for example: my Word document consists of section breaks, whenever I try to unhide everything, footers and headers remain hidden. I have to go through each header and footer and unhide them manually.

Is there a way to force it using the replace function to unhide everything?


You haven't gotten a response yet, so perhaps you'd be interested in working with a macro that works in Word 2010? This macro unhides all hidden text, including text in the headers and footers.

Sub UnhideEverything()

Dim rngStory As Range
Dim rngToSearch As Range
Dim rngResult As Range
For Each rngStory In ActiveDocument.StoryRanges
               Set rngToSearch = rngStory
    Set rngResult = rngToSearch.Duplicate

        If rngResult.Font.Hidden Then
            rngResult.Font.Hidden = False

        End If
        rngResult.MoveStart wdWord
        rngResult.End = rngToSearch.End
    Loop Until rngResult.Find.Found = False

    Next rngStory

End Sub

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