I have a desktop monitor and a tv which I would both like to attach to my pc. The desktop monitor is attached with a displayport cable, while the tv is attached with a hdmi cable.

Is there an easy "switch" program, to select what monitor should be used? I know I can buy an hdmi switcher or something like that, but a software solution would be nice.

I never want to use both monitors at the same time, only on at the time.

Maybe relevant information: The tv and the monitor are different resolutions (4k vs 2560x1080) The graphics card is a nVidia 960.


If you're on Windows:
pressing Win + P brings up the monitor swapping feature built into Windows.

Show Desktop on monitor 1
Show Desktop on monitor 2

and press Enter to select.

  • Did not knew this was possible on desktop computers, thanks! – Houbie Apr 6 '17 at 12:30

I have the same environment and switch manually in the nVidia Panel (I just de-select the monitor which I dont want to use). However, I dont know if there is better software to switch easier. Sorry.

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