I have got two webhosting packages: One package (A) from hoster A and one package (B) from another hoster B (different networks). I can transfer files from my local computer via FTP to webhosting package A and / or webhosting package B.

Now I want to transfer folders and files from hoster A to hoster B directly. I tried FXP, but hoster A und hoster B didn't allow it (500 Illegal PORT Command). I can't change settings to allow FXP (it is a normal webhosting package, so I don't have SSH / root access or something like that).

I know that I could use a FTP client on my local machine (private computer) to download the content from hoster A and reupload it to hoster B manually, but this will took a long time (big data - many files).

I don't think that there will be a way to transfer the files directly from A to B without any "help", but I have also got a linux root server C (from hoster C). Is there a way to transfer the files with my server C (a script, program, workflow, ...)? Like downloading file1.txt from package A via FTP to server C, upload it from server C to package B, delete it on server C, downloading the next file file2.txt and so on?

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