My keyboard is a Lioncast LK20, which features no right Windows key. Instead there's the FN key.

In Windows that is no big problem, as I rarely use that button. In MacOS however, that means the right Alt/Option key is missing, which is bothersome.
I already used Ukelele to map most keys to my liking. The one thing missing would be the right Alt/Option.

Key 110 (the Menu key) would be perfect to be used as Alt/Option instead.
That button is assignable in Ukelele.

But is there a way to assign a modifier key like Alt/Option on it?

  • I read somewhere that Ukelele refuses to change modifier keys. Based on its own tutorial it seems like it's only interested in creating "dead keys" for inserting accents of foreign languages. – Chill2Macht Feb 25 '18 at 15:39

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