I've recently come back to batch coding. Now, all my code is ready, but I want to add a special feature: a password protected "developer mode".

I've been thinking about cmd /c "" but this just exits the window.

I want to insert a code that terminates the current batch job, but then stays in the command prompt window so that the user can normally execute commands that may even affect the .bat file.

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    Read cmd /? in an open cmd window -> cmd /K and what about exit /b in your batch? See exit /? or read about batch commands in ss64.com
    – LotPings
    Mar 22, 2017 at 20:30

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If you call your batch from another batch with start it stays up.

runfirst.bat : start mybat.bat

mybat.bat : your preexisting code here

mybat.bat will stay open and you can continue to execute commands in that window.

My exact test:

(Both files saved in C:\temp7)


cd c:\temp7
start mybat.bat


ipconfig /all

The cmd windows stays open to c:/> after being ran.


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