I can't find any documentation on how to add new fonts to VcXsrv. I found this but this is for a different program (Xming) and though I followed all the steps the fonts still doesn't show up in the X-server application (I'm trying with Terminator).

Any idea how to get it working?


The author of VcXsrv himself answered part of this question here.

For using Windows10 fonts, it might need a little more steps. The main steps of Xming to create fonts.scale and fonts.dir are still valid. When starting VcXsrv you should follow marha's instructions in his answer and add "C:/Windows/Fonts," within the "-fp" argument list. (Notice that you must use forward slash '/' instead of backward slash '\' in the path.)

If still can't, try Cygwin/X. The performance is not as good as VcXsrv but it works well. Most of all, all the X tools are compatible to VcXsrv. You can use a lot of X command line tools (like 'xset +fp ...') to configure VcXsrv after it rans.

Hope this helps.

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