I want my cvlc client RTSP recording stream to be not closed when the source is disconnected, so it can continue recording after source is available. So I found this topic in VLC forum, which says that the timeout value is hard coded:


I have downloaded the source files of VLC, and I've changed the value where needed, but I don't know how to compile VLC from source.

I am using Ubuntu 16.04. Can someone help me?


I don't know how to compile VLC from source.

Generic Steps

These are the main steps to follow to compile VLC :

  1. Prepare your compile environment,
  2. Grab the source of VLC media player,
  3. Bootstrap, using the ./bootstrap script, if you took the code from repository,
  4. Prepare the extras libraries needed for VLC media player, read the list,
  5. Configure,
  6. Build, using make,
  7. and Profit!

Source Category:Building

Detailed steps for Linux, BSD or other Unices can be found at UnixCompile

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