I have a Laptop with a HDD and an SSD. On the SSD I want to install Linux, and on the HDD I want to install Windows. As I expect to work most of the time in Linux, I want to use all of the SSD for this OS.

Most, if not all, of the guides I found so far, deal with encrypted dual-boot setups on one single disk. I followed one of them, and I got near the finish line, however, VeraCrypt fails to encrypt the Windows system partition.

What I did so far, and what I achieved:

  1. Set-up partitioning
    • The SSD was divided into a small /boot partition, the rest remains for Linux as encryped volume
    • The HDD was reserved for Windows
  2. Install Windows on HDD
  3. Install Ubuntu on SSD with system
  4. Finally, I tried to encrypt Windows with VeraCrypt, however, VeraCrypt tells me, that the encryption test failed

Is my intended set-up feasible and which encryption software supports dual-boot on two disks?

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