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I have a 2 GB Kingston Usb drive. This is working fine- I am able to format and access from 'My computer'

I am trying to format this drive using HP USB Storage format tool to load a bootable image on to the drive, it says "device media is write protected"

OS : Windows XP

what could be wrong ?


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  • When does the error occur? Directly after starting the process or sometime in the process? – Robert Jul 2 '11 at 16:37
  1. Run regedit.
  2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control.
  3. Create a new key named StorageDevicePolicies.
  4. Highlight StorageDevicePolicies, and then create a mew DWORD (32-bit) value named WriteProtect.
  5. Double click on WriteProtect, and set its value to 1.
  • Tried this, It's not working... – Srin Mar 13 '10 at 3:26
  • Can you create your bootable image with another tool instead? – goblinbox Mar 16 '10 at 23:02

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