I recently applied letsencrypt.org free SSL on my website mysite.com

For my DNS settings, I use AWS - route53 feature. I created a subdomain : db.mysite.com and in the subdomain I created an A record that points to also the original site.

However, whenever I visit mysite.com, the SSL works fine and I see the green logo, but, whenever I visit db.mysite.com I get an error telling that the site is not secure.

What is the problem?

NB: If you thing there is a better forum that is suited for this question, please let me know.


LetsEncrypt offers only non-wildcard certificates for now. So your certificate for mysite.com is valid only for mysite.com. Not www.mysite.com and certainly not db.mysite.com.

You can get a new certificate that is valid for multiple domain names:

certbot -d one.example.com -d two.example.com -d three.example.com -d example.org

Keep in mind the rate limits, you might want to try with the test API (--staging) first.

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