Why is Internet Explorer the only browser that can open .url links by default? I have tried setting Chrome, Firefox and Edge to be the default browser but none of them have this open .urls by default option.

Side note- I was able to set firefox to the default for opening .url files by going to the file associations link in the control panel rather than the default program link. (Default Programs\Set Associations) So if firefox can do it, why isn't this option available as a default association?

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You can, you may just have to hunt down the .exe of the browser you wish.


Chrome's .exe is usually stored at C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application

So when you go to choose a default application, go ahead and hit browse and direct it to Chrome's executable inside that directory.

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You can do the same with other browsers as well, just gotta hunt down the .exe that runs the browser.

Extra note

As of now, you have the default set as "Internet Browser" which means whatever browser your computer considers your "default" is the one that will open .url shortcuts. Which is probably Internet Explorer at the moment from what it seems.

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    Oooh. Thanks for the extra note. I didn't notice that. Thank you.
    – T-Rez
    Mar 30 '17 at 14:20

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