Are there any alternatives to web of trust for chrome and firefox. Because I found out that Wot doesn't always ask you if you want to access a dangerous site or not. While I was browsing a while ago for a curriculum vitae template. I saw this image on google that looks like one. I click it but then it brought me to a site with a red mark in Wot, and wot doesn't even bother to inform me first that the site is dangerous. Do you know of any alternatives?

  • WOT must have paid you to close the topic. Aug 21, 2019 at 17:27

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Have you tired LinkExtend ? also there's free McAfee SiteAdvisor,

to block miscellaneous code, you can try NoScripts

if you are aware of security, there's varities of Security related add-ons.

this article also may help you.

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