I have a bunch of files whose filename looks like "<Track> - <Title> - <Artist>.mp3".

I'd like to rewrite their MP3 Title tag to be "<Track> - <Title>.mp3" so that each song is displayed correctly on my elcheapo MP3 player.

Since I rarely edit MP3 files anyway, MP3 Tag Tools 1.2 Build 008 from 2003 was good enough, but I can't figure out how to do this with this application.

I just tried MP3Tag 2.46, but couldn't figure out if it can do this (created a new Action, to no avail). I also tried TagScanner 5.1.558, without success.

Does someone know of a good, free Windows application that can do this? Thank you.


Mp3tag can handle that. I'm supposing your ID3 tags are correctly set (no missing titles, no missing track, etc).

Being all set, go to Action -> New. Name it "Cheap Mp3 Player" or other name of your preference. Then, select "New" to add a new action. Select Action Type -> Format Value.

In "Field", select "Title". In "Format String", write %track% - %title%.

After that, call the action you created in your mp3 files. It works. I tested here.

(If your ID3 tags are all messed up, just come back so I can give other options in Mp3Tag as well).

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I've used Tag & Rename, works really well for my purposes. It's not quite free, but it has a trial period. I rarely pay for software programs, and I bought this one.

It has great features

  • renaming files from ID3 tags
  • auto populating ID3 tags from file names
  • editing multiple MP3s at a time.
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Both iTunes and WMP have a function to "manage my library files" or something similar where they can folder structure the files in the library. IIRC (it's been a while) WMP has an option as part of that where you can change the format so you can make it be <Track>-<Title> and WMP will set about reorganising your library and the file names itself.

EDIT: Just checked iTunes and it doesn't have a changeable option but the format it uses is <Track>-<Title>

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I have had great success with Tagscanner. It is the most powerful, but straightforward tool I've come across.

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  • Thanks. I'll check it out the next time I need to batch-tag MP3's. – OverTheRainbow Sep 23 '10 at 9:12

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