How to make formula which works like this:

Taking data form one sheet above and one from the right against the selected one.

So, it should be as shown on the picture:

enter image description here

G3 is equal to "=C3", H3 should be equal to "C+1 3+1" and I3 should be "D+1 4+1".

Is is possible to manage somehow without macros or how to configure macro?


Use the INDIRECT and ADDRESS function, together with the ROW and COLUMN function. I don't know how you want to define the first cell (in this case C3), but this should work:

On cell H3,


On cell I3,


And so on. If you put the numbers 1, 2 etc in Row 2, then you can write down the formulas in cell G3 as:


And when copying that to the other columns, it should work properly on the references, since we will work with relative references. It should look like this:
enter image description here


You can use OFFSET for that:

enter image description here

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