I have downloaded Windows 10 and computed the hashes. But I could not find a place including all possible genuine hashes, so I can make sure the ISO is genuine. How can I find if it is indeed genuine?

The hashes are:

sha1: f77830beca3d2ff2f3a6faa3fe14952d5a7706a5

md5: 30d5846cce90f6bf728245d696e1b73f

Filename: Win Pro 10.1511 64BIT EnglishX-82416.ISO

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    If you down-loaded it from Microsoft, it is genuine; if you got from anywhere else, you're on your own. – AFH Apr 9 '17 at 14:47

I wouldn't completely dismiss ISOs not downloaded from Microsoft servers as non-genuine.

Consider this scenario:

I download an ISO from Microsoft servers then save to my PC later I upload it to my cloud services for safe keeping (or perhaps to save HDD space). A friend of mine needs the same ISO and I link them to my cloud drive where they download it. In this case this does not invalidate the genuinity or intergrity of the file.

However I randomly get a link to some cloud drive and download an ISO (no link given by a friend this time) there are 50-50 chances the integrity is compromised or not.

In this case a good way it to compare the hashes. You need a tools to verify file integrity using MD5 and SHA1 hashes:

For example:

IgorWare Hasher


Alternatively rather than searching Microsoft’s MSDN pages looking for the correct checksum, it’s easier to use the Adguard (a third party tool to download Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 from Microsoft servers)

Hope this helps

  • I have the hashes, but I don't know a place including all possible genuine hashes, so I can compare with. – Shayan Apr 10 '17 at 6:44
  • @xavier_fakerat: (1) OP is asking where he can get the official checksum from. He won’t get it by calculating it from his own copy twice using a different tool each time. (2) Your Adguard solution works for me though. The Adguard page delivers correct SHA-1 checksums for each known Windows ISO file. Thanks! – 7vujy0f0hy Dec 11 '17 at 7:04

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