I'm using ubuntu 8.10. I want to do benchmarking using autobench. I could install httperf by the command sudo apt-get install httperf I thought I should be installing autobench in the same way using apt-get. But the package was not found. Can anybody please suggest me what should I be doing in order make this "autobench" command work for me in ubuntu? Any help in this regard will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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It would appear that it is not packaged in which case you have to install from source yourself, or find someone to package it for you.

Looking at the autobench page it seems as if the author actually provides not only sources but also Debian packages. This makes it likely that he already includes a 'build recipe' (i.e. a debian/ subdirectory). This way you can learn how to create a local .deb package which is useful thing to know.


You have .deb packages available on autobench homepage, just download the version you want and install it using

sudo dpkg -i <the_deb_file>

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