Windows 7 Installation goes black and blank when trying to boot it.

This started happening after I installed Linux and GRUB. GRUB shows Windows 7 and Linux as options, but Windows 7 needs the installation CD to repair booting after the error:

0xc0000098 - The Windows Boot Configuration Data file does not contain a valid OS entry

However, when I try to boot it the screen goes black and freezes, not booting or doing anything. So I have to eject the CD, and restart the computer manually so I can use Linux.


First repair Windows 7 boot using Windows repair/installation DVD/USB - select Repair - "Automatic Repair".

Then reinstall GRUB using Linux CD/DVD/USB.

Consider an alternative way of dual-booting Linux and Windows using Windows boot manager (works only for MBR style disks and BIOS boot).

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