I'm trying to replace every space in this text file with a backslash space.

cat prefixedfiles.txt | sed "s![[:space:]]! \!g"

Original: A a a

Result: A\ a\ a

sed 's! !\\ !g' prefixedfiles.txt

Few issues that are fixed:

  • ' instead of " prevents bash interpreting ! symbol and allows referring to backslash as \\;
  • [[:space:]] matches more than just space; you may want it or not, I used the regular space;
  • cat is superfluous here; sed can take file name as an argument (and even if it couldn't, the syntax sed < file.txt is still better than cat file.txt | sed).

Escape the backslash character.

cat prefixedfiles.txt | sed "s![[:space:]]! \\!g"

sed manual 5.3 Overview of basic regular expression syntax

Matches char, where char is one of $, *, ., [, \, or ^. Note that the only C-like backslash sequences that you can portably assume to be interpreted are \n and \\; in particular \t is not portable, and matches a ‘t’ under most implementations of sed, rather than a tab character.

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