I am using Opera (Stable 44.0.2510.1159) in a laptop with Windows 10 operating system. Now, my problem is within the bookmark. I want to export my bookmarks in the said browser but I didn't find a way how to export bookmarks. Yesterday, I tried to find some solution, I do the following :

  1. I open the Speed Dial click the heart icon (bookmark tab) at the left side. It open bookmarks page but I only see different views, adding folder and a check box with a label "Shows the bookmark bar".
  2. I press the Opera menu located at the top left corner of my browser. It open a list down of it's following menu or options. Then I hover the heart icon with a label bookmark. Then it open its sub-menu that contain only the following 'Show all bookmarks', 'Show bookmarks bar', 'Add to bookmarks', and 'My Folders'.
  3. I press the Opera menu located at the top left corner of my browser, click the setting. Then click on Browser scroll slowly and press the button 'Import bookmarks and setting' but nothing.
  4. Then take another search and trial More Tools and Developer Menu. Then I'm done. I got nothing.

I hope you help me about this.


If I'm not wrong this one should help you. Import/Export Addon for Opera.

This extension allows you to backup & share bookmarks with Chrome, Opera, Opera Classic, Firefox, Vivaldi and most other modern browsers.

Import & Export will export everything including "Speed Dial" & "Bookmarks Bar", as it's using a documented bookmarks API called "chrome.bookmarks.getTree".


Opera introduced the option to export bookmarks directly from opera version 47. so i suggest you to update the browser to the latest version.

However there are ways to export bookmarks directly from the current version too. No Need to install any add-ons or 3rd party apps

I don't know how to include this youtube video here. So please check the video link : Export Opera bookmarks in Versions (41,42,43,44,45,46)


Check out this article to know Exporting opera bookmarks to Chrome , to .html file

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