I can't remove a keyboard layout and it's really annoying.


After reading and diggind the web looking for the solution i didnt find the result. The language setting in the control panel wouldn't display that layout



There was only a USA layout. I need to remove the UK layout.

P.S. sorry for foreign language.


Add another keyboard layout for the mean time. Let's say you have the following layout.

[RUSSIAN (RUSSIAN, whatsoever the dialect/keyboard layout is)] [ENGLISH (US)] [ENGLISH (UK)]

if the UK is default. Make it not the default keyboard layout / input language, you can remove then the UK keyboard layout.

PS: It's still windows, just skinned as macOS like.

First, if the ENG UK is default. Don't default it enter image description here

After changing it, look for English UK in the list, then remove. enter image description here

IT WORKS FOR ME. GIVE IT A TRY. enter image description here

  • I cant find the text services and input languages dialogue box. Maybe it's just a win7 thing – Максим Альжанов Apr 23 '17 at 15:38
  • There is also in windows 10. Thought i think not present atleast with the creators update. But you can change default in its pc settigs app. Im sure you've been there because youve manage to remove other layouts. Try it again but this time, check if uk english is not default, for you to be able to remove it – Jimwel Anobong Apr 23 '17 at 15:42

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