I am using Invantive SQL for Exact Online to integrate BOARD with Exact Online. For caching, Invantive Data Cache is configured. By default the data remains fresh enough for the /*+ ods */ hint to be used for 7 days.

I can switch the Data Cache fully off using /*+ ods(false) */, but how can I specify a different required freshness other than by dropping the internal tables maintained by Data Cache?


You can specify the conditions how old the data may be using the following syntax:

select /*+ ods(true, interval '1 millisecond') */ * from exactonlinerest..salesorders

The following interval units are available:

  • millisecond(s)
  • second(s)
  • minute(s)
  • hour(s)
  • day(s)
  • week(s)
  • year(s)

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