TextExpander is a program that aims to save you time by auto-replacing snippets of text with the content of your choice, or to quote their Web site: "Save yourself time and effort by typing short abbreviations for frequently-used text and images."

So for instance when you type ,h1 it will change it to <h1></h1> with the cursor placed between the ><.

After some searching I have yet to find a resource/forum-thread/whatnot that discuss the uses of this marvelous program.

I am therefore looking for your best snippets or a link to a resource where I can find this.

Oh and one thing I can think of right away is sigw, sigp for my work/personal email signature.

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I use snippets in Textmate for most of the command line work that is repetitive.

Most of the time I use TextExpander for command line shortcuts that way I don't need aliases on every server that I work on.

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