In Word 2016, on Windows 10, I can curve one line of text by going to Format/WordArt Styles:Text Effects / Follow Path:Arch.

However, if I insert more than one line of text, the letters run into each other. - It happens at multiple font sizes (I tried it at 9 and 14), and in multiple fonts (I tried Calibri Light and Gill Sans MT)

Current Attempts: - I tried to increase the line spacing and adding space after paragraph, but that has no effect on the word art style. - I tried changing the kerning by 1pt, and that didn't make a difference in the vertical spacing.

Right now my workaround is to create a separate text box for each item, but that is really laborious and doesn't work at all when text needs to wrap (for example, when I'm using a cross-reference to a long title).

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