I do a lot of my searches like this -

fb dominos // searches dominos on facebook's search
amz pasta // searches amazon for pasta

This works because I can tell Chrome to do facebook search when I enter fb in the address bar. Likewise, I have taught Chrome to do amazon search when I type amz in the address bar.

What I need, is a similar way to specify URLs using a shorthand, something I can type in the address bar so I don't have to open my bookmarks tab and point and click. Eg. Suppose there is a website called www.foobar.com, which has a menu, so the pages I visit look like -


Like with search, is there a way to do the following from the address bar-

foobar chicken // Should open www.foobarLongName.com/menu/chicken

Got it. This can be done through "Manage your search engines" also. Just like with search, use %s for input string. Eg.

www.foobarLongName.com/menu/%s          // your search path
foobar                                  // your annotation

Now, foobar chicken will take you to www.foobarLongName.com/menu/chicken

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