It sounds strange, but I am not able to copy any image from .doc or .docx to Google docs.

I have a situation when I need to copy some into from Word document to google docs document without uploading the whole word document into google. I can copy everything (text with styles and other stuff) until I pick image with it. Not only image doesn't appears in Google docs but it also breaks all styles in other texts (in copy/paste text of course). Not working with only picture copy/paste either (nothing happens). But, I can copy paste pictures from Google docs to docs (or simply copy paste image in internet) without a problem.

Can somebody please explain to me what kind of potential issue it can be and why its happening, or I simply doing something wrong here?

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Google Docs does not seem to allow users to copy these from a clipboard filled with a "cut" or "copy" that contains images and text from MS Word:

  • Styles
  • Images

However, if you upload a Word document as a new Google Doc, then styles and images seem to work more or less correctly. I realize you said you don't want to upload the full word document to Google and I also have that use case sometimes myself. Here is one way I've found to work around this issue:

  1. Create a new Word document that will contain only the portions of the document I want to upload to Google.
  2. Copy/paste text and images into this new Word document and save the document.
  3. Upload the new document into Google as a new Google Doc.

You will now have a Google Doc with your text, images and styles.

Now, if you like, you can select and copy text and images from the new Google Doc into other Google Docs, as you were originally trying to do from your Word doc into Google Docs.

(NOTE: I am able to copy one single image at a time from MS Word directly into a Google Doc.)

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