My powershell script contain a 'set-location' (cd) command. After running the script, my current directory is changed, but I don't want it that way.


cd d:\temp (new line)
myProgram (new line)

Those 'new line', 'eof' are markings only.

PowerShell console:

PS D:\projects\abc> .\test.ps1
This line is the output of myProgram
PS D:\temp> _

I need my PowerShell console stay in d:\projects\abc instead of being at d:\temp after running the script. Any quick solution?

I can not just run d:\temp\myProgram because myProgram is only working in that d:\temp directory. And also, I can't put "cd d:\projects\abc" after executing myProgram in test.ps1 as myProgram is a web server which I have to terminate when I want using Ctrl+C.

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    pushd d:\temp; myProgram; popd – user364455 Apr 28 '17 at 3:15

Solution by PetSerAl in the comment under question:

pushd d:\temp

I found another solution too

PS D:\projects\abc> powershell .\test.ps1
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