Good day to you first,

So something to tell you first. I am making migration from Windows to Linux because i love it, but a lot of programs still that are just so damn good on Windows keeps me there.

So i guess i need the latest stable version of Wine to install Photoshop on Fedora

I have Wine 2.0, i want to update it because i don't know do i need the latest version to be able to do that(running PS). Pls tell me if 2.0 is fairly good enough.

Also one other thing to explain.

Recently i red an article for Photoshop on Linux, but it is nowhere said how to get Photoshop. Because it is expensive software and i can't afford to but it right now, will Wine do the trick with trial version ?

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    Your time will be better spent monkeying with GIMP than trying to install and run a trial version of any Windows software on Linux. If you really must use PhotoShop, try running it in a VM on Linux if possible. This will be much more reliable than using Wine. – Larssend Apr 29 '17 at 16:04

Since you don't have a licence for Adobe Photoshop, you can consider free software like Krita if you use it to draw, or GIMP if you use it for image manipulation.

If you really want to use Adobe Photoshop on Fedora, you can try to use https://www.playonlinux.com/ which provides packages to ease Wine configuration: it will download the right version of Wine for a given supported software, and the trial version will work the same as the paid version.

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