I have Adobe Reader 10.1.10 (latest that supports my language), and whenever I try to print something, it ruins the file. I tried printing to PDF (basically save), or open with PDFFactory, all is corrupted.

Here is how it looks before print: enter image description here

And here is after: enter image description here

Also notice that it thickens the font a bit, and removes some text (top left corner, it removes '17')

I tried following this help guide, but with no luck.


  • This is the original PDF.
  • This is after I print it to file or to actual printer.

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  1. Be sure you have all fonts specified in the PDF on your system.

  2. Try printing as an image, rather than using the available fonts.

  3. Try a third-party PDF viewer such as the free Sumatra or PDF-XChange Viewer. I've found Sumatra offers more accurate rendering, but PDF-XChange Viewer opens large files more rapidly.

Hopefully, one of these methods will work for you.

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