I need help getting this:

test1|test2|2017-04-28|11:19:01|string|test3|3|FINDTHISWORD|2003-10-15 16:00:00.000|

from this:


basically, I need to find the "FIDNTHISWORD" then move 12 to the right and replace the "|" with space.

  1. Go to Search (menu), Replace...
  2. Set Search Mode to "Regular Expression"
  3. Find what: (FINDTHISWORD...........)\|
  4. Replace with: \1 (backslash, one, space)
  5. Click Replace All

Explanation: (FINDTHISWORD...........)\|

  • The parentheses indicate a group you will paste later
  • FINDTHISWORD........... match FINDTHISWORD followed by eleven characters
  • \| followed by a literal pipe character
  • \1(space) output the pattern with parentheses followed by a space

For more info: Regular Expressions - Notepad++ Wiki

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