I have problem, must create GPO on windows server 2008r2 Enterprise with allow user(domain user) without administration rights , mean basic user allow on installation any programs, and custom some part of systems like install printer drivers.

I know some way to allow install any programs without administration privileges for example:

  1. convert .exe to msi (turn off UAC)

  2. use external programs to do it

  3. Add to Super User group, but it work only on windows xp and lower

  4. Create task with admin rights and make shortcut for them.

    Maybe something else.

but I don't wanna use external programs and methods above because I don't have a time to prepare .msi program list via GPO and in this specific case I must allow user to install applications. I know ... it isn't recommend but unfortunately I must do it for this specific case.

Do someone know a clear way how to do it via GPO, and can explain it?

Thanks for help.