I have installed the virtual box and installing windows 10. and im getting this error

enter image description here

How to get solve this error and start installing win10


enter image description here

  • Can you show the text for 'details' ? – Stese May 3 '17 at 6:03

Without more information, this is the only help I can find :-

  1. Ensure the host machine is FULLY up to date
  2. Reboot the machine
  3. Uninstall Virtual Box
  4. Reboot the machine
  5. Reinstall Virtual Box

Source : Link to Oracle article

I've found another couple of solutions on this :- Forum Post with Error

I went into the folder "C:\Users\COMPUTER_NAME\.VirtualBox\Machines\VM_NAME\" and saw two xml files but for some reason they both had suffixes. 
1. VM_NAME.xml-prev
2. VM_NAME.xml-tmp
So it simply just couldn't find "VM_NAME.xml" because it technically didn't exist.
I made a copy of the "VM_NAME.xml-prev" file and renamed the copy to "VM_NAME.xml"
Restarted VirtualBox and it worked just fine.

There are some other solutions also listed.

  • details snapshot attached above. I have reinstall and reboot also same problem. Thanks – atek May 3 '17 at 8:57

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