Say I was using Chrome Remote Desktop and remotely killed the host process on accident, causing me to get kicked off. However I still have SSH/terminal/command-line access. How can I relaunch the service so I can connect again?

Also, is it possible to install or reinstall Chrome Remote Desktop via SSH?


Restarting the service

Linux: The host process is a normal Linux service, so you can restart it by typing this in your SSH session:

sudo service chrome-remote-desktop restart

You should only have to wait a few seconds before it's ready for you to try connecting.

Windows, run these commands to restart the service (thanks @JohnLock):

net stop chromoting
net start chromoting


launchctl start org.chromium.chromoting

Reinstalling the service

(I don't know how to install/reinstall Chrome Remote Desktop via SSH. Someone please update this answer if you know how.)


On Windows:

    net stop chromoting
    net start chromoting
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