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I have one program that seems to remember when my HDMI external was set up to be on the opposite side as it is now.

So when I click on the task bar icon I can see the animation of it flying off in the wrong direction and out of view.

I remember the "Move" function exists but can't figure out how to do it when the whole thing is invisible. Seems to me all I should have to do is hold the Windows button and use arrows until it shows. But I can't make that work even though the animation shows which direction it went.

So my question is, (without going into display properties and switching things all around), how can I move that program so it is visible?

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I have this happen to PowerShell of all things. I hold Shift while right-clicking on the icon on the Taskbar, select Move, then use the right/left arrows to bring the menu back onto the screen, then click on the program's window with the mouse.

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    This is very easy to remember. It is very similar to earlier Windows so is basically built into my muscle memory. So thank you for this one. – SDsolar May 4 '17 at 22:54

Two options for bringing an out of screen window back:

  • Win+Left / Win+Right / Win+Up (move/resize the active window to predefined screen positions)

  • Press and release Alt, then press and release Space. This should bring up the context menu of the active window where you can select "move". This will make the window movable with your arrow keys and/or mouse. If you want to move it with your mouse you'll first have to make it movable with the arrow keys.

Im not sure if they work in your case though, but I think they should because they're windows features and the wrong position seems to be caused by your program.


The above answers are solid solutions. Another command would be Win + Shift + Left/Right. This will allow you to move the selected application window from monitor to monitor.

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