I have an image open in Krita 3.1.3 (on a Mac) and I'm trying to determine where a part of the image starts so that I can batch process some crops with ImageMagick. (It's a spritesheet.)

In most image editing tools that I've used you can generally see the x and y coordinates of the mouse/cursor in the bottom toolbar, if not by default than after selecting some tools.

Unfortunately, I've tried switching to a couple of the tools, as well as searching the online documentation, and I can't find out how to see where my mouse/cursor currently is located within the image.

Is there a preference, toolbar, or a tool to select, that would show me the x and y position of my mouse/cursor?



I ended up posting this on the Krita forums and received a response from a Krita maintainer about this.

No, Krita doesn't have that. In the past 15 years, about half a dozen people have asked for that, and we've made two or three attempts at creating something like that, but our attempts all impacted painting performance, so we scrapped them.

As a workaround, I selected the Rectangular Selection Tool (Ctrl + R) and dragged from where my mouse was to the top left corner of the image. The Tool Options panel will display a width and height of the selection, will give a fairly good idea of where the cursor is/was.

Not ideal, but it's a sufficient workaround for my needs.


You can use the ruler. Go to 'View' -> 'Show Rulers'. That will give you the X/Y coords. You also need 'View' -> 'Rulers Track Pointer' enabled too. Note that the pixel resolution changes with how much you're zoomed in/out. When I fully zoom in, I get less than 1 pixel resolution.

  • In my case is insufficient. On mm the ruler goes in 3mm steps in my case, the divisions between steps displays 4th's. So getting an accurate measurement on mm between steps is impossible.
    – Sdlion
    Feb 7 '20 at 18:56
  • 1
    @Sdlion When I zoom in all the way, I get 1px resolution
    – hacksoi
    Feb 8 '20 at 21:30

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