What happens to the display of the macbook pro itself if it's connected to multiple thunderbolt displays.

The question is,

1) Will macbook pro screen go black or standby or can I still see things on it besides the 3 thunderbolt displays?

2) Here's my daisy chain configuration, is it correct?

  • connect the thunderbolt cable of display#1 to the MacBook pro
  • connect the thunderbolt cable of display#2 to display#1
  • connect the thunderbolt cable of display#3 to display#2

3) Can Surface Laptop project its display to apple thunderbolt?

I've read this article (link in comments) but can someone explain in simple terms

thunderbolt to display port image

I believe Surface dock has some role in connecting Laptop to Apple Thunderbolt display

Surface Dock (link in the comments)


I found the answer for first here

Did You Notice? You can use your MacBook closed when it's connected to an external display. Just add a mouse and keyboard.

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