I have a pdf, which is huge since it was exported from photoshop and I hardly can open it. It contains text, I like to copy/paste.

Is there command to remove all images from a pdf and save the result as new file?

Btw. I have already tried pdftotext, but the resulting file is messed up, line broken down to maximum 10 characters, all lot of whitespace and so forth.


I found a nice thread here but none of the solutions worked, so I guess the »photoshop pdf« is really messed up…


Depending on the text you want to extract it might be better to run pdf2txt on it.

  • that better, but there still some strange things in it, I guess some escape sequences like: Di(cid:249)erent in it… But thanks for the answer! – philipp May 6 '17 at 19:08

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