I have a dual monitor set-up, and have had this for as long as I can remember.

Right now, I have 1 screen on HDMI and another on DVI.

The problem is that whenever I turn off my HDMI screen, windows does the "hardware ejected" sound and then it actually switches back to a single screen setup

This messes up the placement of all my permanently open applications and causes some full-screen applications to crash. I haven't had this issue in quite some time (I have had it once before) and I have no clue how to fix it anymore.

I've noticed that this started happening right after the last big windows update.

Basically, I want windows to completely ignore my turning one of my screens on or off.

Does anybody have a clue?

Thank you.

Important specs: OS: Windows 10 pro Graphics card: AMD R9 290


The fix (for me) was to switch around my HDMI and DVI. As in, take the cables from each screen and hook it up to the other.

Why? I have no idea. But it works. Hope this helps someone

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