I own a server (ftp.xxxxx.com) and i want to execute a script that sort files into directories. Here i am: I write a simple script (script.py) that create a directorie and put in on my server (with Filezilla). I configure my file to be executable (705 or 715). When i try ftp.xxxxx.com/script.py, it reads the file, but doesn't execute it :( So i tryed to execute it by ssh: I connect myself via ssh to the server (with putty). I try a simple ls to be sure the file exists and it is. But when i try to execute script.py it says "No file or directorie of this type" command script Can someone help me to execute this script please !

  • You are running a script named /serveur2, that is, serveur2 in the root directory. There is no such file; you have placed the file in a directory other than the root. You can execute with the full path, something like /home/eccitymo/serveur2 or explicitly specify the relative path to the current working directory ./serveur2. – user4556274 May 9 '17 at 13:52

If you want to run a script in the current directory (that is not in your PATH variable), you have to run it starting with ./:

$ ./serveur2

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