Before signing up for a office 365 business account through my work, we were using personal Microsoft accounts for things like OneNote. Unfortunately now that we have made the switch to a work account and registered our domain, we cannot create personal accounts using the @domain.com emails. Which would be fine except we have a lot of OneNote notebooks setup on personal accounts.

The users that had personal accounts before the switch now have a personal and work account associated with their email, however, new users cannot get a personal account setup with their email address (which we want to keep as being a work address so we can control the account)

Is there a way to create a personal Microsoft account even though there is a work account associated to the domain?

  • Not without using something other than Office 365 for email. Another approach would be to create another domain with email not hosted by Office 365. If you want to get fancy, it can still be in your work domain, for example someone@email.yourdomain.com – Twisty Impersonator May 10 '17 at 1:27

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