I have an alias

alias binobj="find . -iname "bin" -o -iname "obj" | xargs rm -rf"

That I use when my disk is almost full. This deletes the folders "bin" and "obj", recursively searching from the current folder.

I would like to know how I can know the total sum of all deleted files. I have looked into placing an echo in between the 2 commands through a pipe, but then the xargs won't receive the files to delete.

I am on a mac, but I'm not shy of adding packages. I just don't want to put this in another file (this is my .bash_profile), as this one syncs with all my other macs.


You'll want to be very careful doing a recursive find for bin and obj... for example, you might accidentally pop off important files or directories (e.g: .../.hg/store/data/obj) which would not be a good idea.

Where at all possible, you want to be as precise as you can be. If you're trying to remove directories, then specify -type d so that you don't accidentally match a file / symlink / etc...

Additionally, this is large enough that it would benefit being a set of functions for readability / maintainability.

This set of functions (and finally a pipeline that can be aliased / put into a function) will remove all bin and obj directories that are next to a file called makefile (all case insensitive). The total bytes will be written to stderr using the shy numfmt to get output such as "9.1MB"

function getMakefiles {
    find . -type f -iname makefile

function getBinObjDirsNear {
    while read NEAR; do
        find $(dirname ${NEAR}) -type d -maxdepth 1 \( -iname bin -o -iname obj \)

function calcTotal {
    while read ENT; do
        TOTAL=$(( TOTAL + $(du -bc ${ENT} | tail -n 1 | cut -f 1) ))
        echo ${ENT}
    numfmt --to=iec --suffix=B --format="%f" ${TOTAL} >&2

getMakefiles | getBinObjDirsNear | calcTotal | xargs -d '\n' rm -rf
  • It is a really good idea to check for a makefile next to the obj bin folders to ensure nothing can be broken. I have executed the command before, but it's probably a good idea to stop doing that. I can't use makefile to check for though, but I can use the solution & project files where the folders will be next to. – user1009013 May 18 '17 at 14:06

I would simply compute the size before removing the folders :

alias binobj="du -sc bin/ obj/ | grep total ; find . -iname "bin" -o -iname "obj" | xargs rm -rf"

The command will prompt you the added size in bytes of the bin + obj directories from the current directory; then execute to delete.

Edit: According to comment : the bin and obj should be found recursively :

Without putting much time to find a elegant solution, I would log the size of each directory before removing it, and compute them after the cleaning is complete. A dirty one liner could be :

find . -iname "bin" -o -iname "obj" | xargs -I % sh -c "du -sb % >> /tmp/delreport.log; rm -rf %"; awk '{sum+=$1} END {print sum}' /tmp/delreport.log && rm /tmp/delreport.log

  • | xargs -I % sh -c "..." : allows you to put multiple commands with the \% parameter
  • du -sb : will log you the size of the repository which will be removed
  • awk '{sum+=$1} END {print sum}' : sum up all the size in the first column of the report
  • I think it's nearly good, but the du is not recursive, which is important as I sometimes run it from my projects folder to clean up all my projects. – user1009013 May 18 '17 at 7:41
  • @user1009013 I added a some information according to you need of recursively finding the directories – Esteban May 18 '17 at 8:14

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