I am using the Jupyter notebook to create interactive code sheets in Python. Now that I have to work with R, I'm wondering: Can I use Jupyter notebook to compile R code as well?


Yes, even though Jupyter was originally designed for python, it supports R among a whole bunch of other programming languages.

In order for a programming language to be compiled correctly in the notebook, the corresponding kernel has to be installed. You'll find the R-Kernel under the name "IRkernel" with installation instructions on github.

Once you installed the kernel, you should be able to select it from a dropdown menu in the notebook. If you want to start an interface with R kernel, use the --kernel= parameter:

# “ir” is the kernel name installed by the above `IRkernel::installspec()`
# change if you used a different name!
jupyter qtconsole --kernel=ir
jupyter console --kernel=ir

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