Does anyone know a keyboard shortcut to create a new slide in LibreOffice Impress? I would configure my own shortcut via Tools > Customize > Keyboard but I can't find the appropriate function.

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It does give you an option to set the shorttcut in Tools > Customize > Keyboard

At the bottom of the Customize window choose Insert under Category and then choose New Page under Function. Then choose from the available Shortcut Keys that you can scroll through at the top of the Customize window. Once you've selected a keyboard shortcut you want click Modify over on the right and your keyboard shortcut will be set.

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  • New Page?? I was looking for New Slide! That appears to do the trick. Thanks! May 15, 2017 at 8:50

As far as I know there is no default shortcut for that but the following method would be helpful:

Ctrl+Enter moves to the next text object on the slide. If there are no text objects on the slide, or if you reached the last text object, a new slide is inserted after the current slide.

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